Don’t look down upon a beginner

some novice began to do Wangzhuan because of free Wangzhuan is not very understanding, that can begin to make a few, in fact this idea is mainly online a lot of day to earn a few hundred that lie too many advertisements caused by those ads are not credible, even if it is someone else that can earn more have a good long time and may have exaggerated the real, novice can earn that much, certainly have to do Wangzhuan, who still work? So if you want to do Wangzhuan, the starting time will earn too little.

1 billion 300 million operators urged to increase efforts to combat the shop brush reputa

1 billion 300 million network operators urged to increase efforts to combat shop brush reputation, every day I want to have a lot of brush reputation advertising, it is very annoying, and you think everyone has to brush reputation, in fact all the shop manager, as well as customers, online shopping and so on, as well as on Taobao net yourself there is great harm, appeals, everyone refused to brush reputation, to open shop, also increased efforts to combat the shop brush reputation.

China CN domain breakthrough million

The day before, from the Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) hosted the third Chinese Internet address resource registration services conference to upload information, as of the end of December 2005, the amount of registered national top-level domain CN domain with high speed growth of 150%, one million mark, reaching 1 million 90 thousand. CN domain name successfully exceeded one million, is a landmark event in the development of China’s Internet is a major manifestation of China’s information technology level. Beijing city CN domain name registrations also reached 195082, four of the domain name registration services in Beijing area — Beijing wanwang emerging network technology Co. Ltd., Beijing kuancom Network Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing Xinnet Digital Information Technology Co. Ltd., Beijing China Power Digital Technology Co. Ltd. won the CNNIC award of “gold

2012 Jiangsu nternet Conference held in September 22nd

in 2012 by the economic crisis, the global economy is still weak recovery, haze. Therefore, the next period of time, China will continue to face the global economy in the post crisis era, many challenges. To resist external risks at the same time, Chinese economy to continue to maintain the stable development of the Internet industry will Chinese? China Internet webmaster to decide on what path to follow? How to deal with, in 2012, should continue to adhere to what should do, what specific changes and adjustments, become a common problem in front of you again, the whole industry will enter from the idea to practice many subversion and challenges.

Overseas do crazy 45 pornographic websites in the crazy money

9 high degree of criminal suspects inside and outside collusion, customers do crazy 45, just a half year by nearly 2 million accounts. Recently, the Guangzhou police cracked a large case of dissemination of pornographic material online, destroyed “buy ×” × hall “; Tong” dissemination of pornographic information online dens, arrested Chen, Liu Yun × × Cheng and other 9 suspects. Currently, the relevant suspects have been arrested by public security organs according to law.